Promises Made - Promises Kept


  • Legislation to Protect Unborn Children
  • Traditional Marriage (one-man and one-woman) (Prop. 102 in 2008)
  • SB1108 "Freedom to Carry Act" making Arizona #1 in the nation in 2nd Amendment Liberty (2010)
  • SB1070 Eliminate all Sanctuary Cities, "Support Our Law Enforcement & Safe Neighborhood Act"  (2010)
  • HB2779 "Arizona's Fair and Legal Employment Act" mandatory E-Verify (2007)
  • Largest Tax Reduction in State History and Rated #1 one Legislator by Americans for Prosperity (2010)
  • Balanced the Budget after worse Recession in AZ History (2011)
  • Proof of Citizenship to Register To Vote (Prop. 200, in 2004)
  • Proof of Citizenship/Eligibility to Receive Welfare/Public Benefits (Prop. 200, in 2004)
  • Eliminated Affirmative Action (Prop. 107 in2010)
  • No Bail for Illegal Aliens who Commit Felonies (Prop. 100, in 2006)
  • English as Arizona's Official Language (Prop. 103 in 2006)
  • School Choice, Parents right to decide private, charter, public

I am one of 13 children (a blended family) and my wife, LuAnne is one of 7 children; we have five children and 18 grandchildren. We look forward to having great grandchildren some day, but for now we are busy grand-parenting! I am a fifth generation Arizonan with deep roots into our community.

With eleven years as your state legislator through 2011, I have written and sponsored some of the most impacting legislation in the nation and have greatly influenced the debate on national issues in Washington D.C. I believe we have a constitutional duty to enforce our laws and protect the rights of lawful citizens with compassion, but without apology.

As past chairman of the Senate Appropriations Committee I held that "We are gate keepers, not the gift givers, of money that comes from the labor of dads and moms who have an inherent right to keep their family earnings."

Life Philosophy


I believe in standing up for the taxpayer, for families and efficiency in government, for having the courage to take on the tough issues of governance and defend "Rule of Law". I place my allegiance to God, my great State of Arizona and my country we call America first and foremost in my purpose.

In my 35 years in the criminal justice system, I have always been fair, honest, efficient, effective, innovative, passionate, assertive and loyal to the citizens and taxpayers whom I serve. I believe in defending faith, family and freedom above all else.

The greatness of our nation is measured by the character of its people. We live in a Constitutional Republic based on Judaic-Christian moral law, freedom and individual, personal responsibility, and this includes limitations on government. The best things we can do for our families are reducing the burden of government and protecting the rights and traditions of families, children and parents.

Arizona Board of Regents vs The people and the law

ABOR and MCCCD are completely out of control and apparently have contempt for the law, the taxpayer and the 73% of voters who passed Prop. 300 loudly saying NO to the DREAM ACT. ABOR’s argument is built on a false premise that DACA is legal, AND IT IS NOT. ABOR’s letter sent on 8/10/17 is […]

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