Civil Service

Civil Service

Record of my accomplishments in civil service to all of my fellow citizens:

  • 23 years with the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office, achieving the rank of Chief Deputy including being shot and critically wounded in the line of duty.

    1. Chief Deputy of the fourth largest sheriff's office and county jail in the nation, responsible for many innovations including building the Tent City for prisoners that continues to save taxpayers millions of dollars in construction costs and makes sure the No Vacancy sign never goes up until crime is eliminated in Maricopa County
    2. Implemented taxpayer cost savings practices such as a "No Smoking" healthy jail environment, removing all questionable material of a sexual and violent content from the jails, a self-funding system to off-set the taxpayers cost of housing inmates in county jails and provide millions of dollars to county sheriffs from commissary sales, charge-a-call phone system and prisoner reimbursement.
    3. Expanded Arizona’s Gang & Immigration Task Force (GIITEM) by over 200 officers and broadened their mission.
    4. Five times nominated Deputy of the Year.
    5. Recipient of the Medal of Valor (highest award given in law enforcement for exceptional bravery).
    6. I was nominated 5times as Deputy of the Year, received the very highest honor in law enforcement, The Medal of Valor for exceptional bravery while critically shot and pursuing gang members that shot me. Also I have two boys in law enforcement and Sean with the Sheriff's Office also received The Medal of Valor, and I believe we are the only Father and Son in Arizona to have both received this award, which is the highest award given in law enforcement.
    7. Created the Sheriff’s Youth Assistance Foundation to create positive interaction between youth and law enforcement and raised over half million dollars and helped thousands of youth in its first year.
    8. Wrote and lobbied Arizona Automated Fingerprint Identification (AFIS), hailed as one of the best and innovative law enforcement tools for catching criminals and paid for this through surcharges on fees and fines from users.
    9. Created the Arizona Auto Theft Authority, multi-jurisdictional task force, vertical prosecution and community based programs to reduce auto theft, without additional tax dollars, funded by insurance companies. This year ('06),it just received a national award for being the most effective program of its kind in the nation.
    10. Assisted in authoring statutes covering DUI, pawn shops, K-9,
    11. Helped develop the first Maricopa County Sheriff's Office Citizens Academy.
    12. Implemented program budgeting for Sheriff's Office, modified zero based budgeting.
    13. Authored and lobbied the first watercraft statutes, including 'Operating Under the Influence'.
    14. Wrote the emergency response manuals for Palo Verde Nuclear Plant.
    15. Wrote most of ARS Title 11 legislation including Sheriff's Reserve and Posse to function with authority and protection under A.R.S.
    16. Helped develop the first aviation (helicopter) program for Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office.
    17. Helped develop first bicycle patrol in Maricopa County.
    18. Responsible for creation of Sheriff's office & FBI "Desert Hawk Fugitive Task Force “one of the most successful in the nation.
    19. Promoted statewide campaign for "Zero Alcohol Tolerance" for youth under 21.
    20. Received national recognition and a national award for a Hispanic outreach program to reduce alcohol abuse among Hispanics

  • Honorably served in the Arizona Army National Guard, from 1965 to 1972.
  • Director of Arizona's Motor Vehicle Division

    1. Eliminating more than 3 million annual transactions and reducing waiting time from over two hours to less than 20 minutes. This saved over $10 million annually in administrative costs to Arizona taxpayers, all without any budget increase.
    2. Implemented “Service Arizona"; the first state in the nation to develop multi-channel alternatives for registration of vehicles and other transactions on line over the Internet or telephone. This was a partnership with IBM that saved the taxpayers millions of dollars annually and allows for the conducting of certain transactions 24 hours,7 days a week, right out of their home. (Over 2 million annual transactions).
    3. 600,000 fewer drivers licenses issued due to becoming the first state in the nation to implement an “Extended Driver’s License.
    4. 500,000 fewer annual registration renewals due to our Biennial Registration.
    5. 225,000 trailers not re-registered annually due to Lifetime Registration of Small Trailers.
    6. 2,000,000 third party Privatized Transactions saving millions of dollars for the taxpayer and more convenience to the residents of Arizona.
    7. 140,000 tax reports eliminated through major tax reform reporting, and Weight and Distance elimination.
    8. 200,000 fewer licenses issued annually by requiring Legal Presence in get an Arizona Drivers License (I wrote and passed legislation to require legal presence in the U.S.).
    9. Implemented Permanent Fleet Registration (3 or more vehicles) for a total of 200 fleets consisting of about 60,000 vehicles.
    10. Eliminated over 250,000Out of State Driver Testing transactions.
    11. Over a three year period from '96,'97 through '98 generated over $175 million additional or accelerated revenue funding above forecast directly related to MVD special projects.
    12. Increased office hours for customer service by over 20% (opened 7am – 6pm weekdays and Saturday hour schedule at selected offices).
    13. No increase in MVD's appropriated budget for 5 years with 65% growth in initial transactions and reduced wait times by over 400%. Reduced customer wait times over 50% during the first 18 months .
    14. Implemented a “National Motor Vehicle Title Information System" (NMVTIS) for law enforcement and consumer protection that will track a vehicle from manufacturer to crush to eliminate consumer fraud and auto theft.
    15. Implemented Motor Carrier Tax Reform reducing administrative requirements providing a $20million savings for industry.
    16. Successfully implemented the state's largest merger by incorporating Maricopa County Auto License Department into the Arizona Motor Vehicle Division.
    17. Reduced the Administrative cost of MVD by $10 million annually
    18. Through improved regulatory compliance, we registered approx. 584,402 vehicles in fiscal year 1998 resulting in additional revenues of $9,627,264.
    19. IBM presented MVD with their e-business international award recognizing the Division for leadership for introducing Service Arizona electronic services for customer convenience.
    20. Established on-line system for law enforcement "Watch your Car" campaign to add citizens in auto prevention program.
    21. First in the nation to design and market vehicle value calculation software to dealerships.
    22. First in the nation to be Year 2000 compliant with the title and registration system (estimated cost savings of millions of dollars by ADOA; we did it without an additional appropriation through my MVD special projects team.
    23. Initiated MVD's Competitive Government Program recognized as a national model by the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators.
    24. MVD's enhanced Vehicle Inspection Program on vehicles in 1997 resulted in approximately1200 stolen vehicles recovered in just the first year alone.
    25. Introduced a Plate and Fee to Owner concept to the legislature; legislation was passed after I left MVD. MVD just received Governors top award for that program along with our Service Arizona program.

  • Director of the Governor's Office of Highway Safety for Governor Fife Symington.
  • As a State legislator, recognized by the Goldwater Institute as the #1 legislator who proved to be the strongest ally against government encroachment on liberty.
  • Recognized by the Arizona Taxpayers Association as the #1 Friend of the Taxpayer and consistently ranked as one of the top supporters of the taxpayer.
  • Awarded Hero of the Taxpayer by the American Tax Reform Association in 2004 as one of only seven legislators in the nation and the only one in Arizona.
  • Recipient of the "Friend of the Family" award since its inception and in 2011 received the "Hero of the Family Award."
  • One of Arizona and the nation's most outspoken advocates for slowing the invasion of illegal and foreign criminals that severely threatens Arizona sustainability, setting in motion the securing of our borders and enforcement of Arizona immigration law. Today, 34 states across this great nation are modeling legislation after ours in Arizona.
  • Served a mission for my church from 1967 to 1969.