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Loretta Lynch who met with Bill Clinton here in Phoenix on an airplane during an investigation on Hillary (how convenient), now, we have what appears to be Barrack Hussain Obama meeting with his buddy the district court judge in Hawaii just before a ruling that overturn the Obama agenda, who was a fellow law graduate of Harvard law school with Obama – as Obama was in Hawaii just before the decision was made. What a coincidence.

“Judges think they can do whatever they want, whenever they want, wherever they want, however they want. The media will celebrate them. Nobody will do anything negative or adverse to them. And the only person pushing back on it is President Trump,” Barnes stated.

The corrupt judiciary is the greatest threat to this Republic. Congress does not even have the guts to use their Constitutional authority to reign them in while “Rome Burns.” Under the Constitution Article III Sec. 2 and under Article I Sec. 8 the Congress can limit their jurisdiction, remove or add appellate court judges.

Congress can and should abolish the 9th appellate court and divide it and start over. Those judges could reapply for the job. Congress can and should divide the Ninth Circuit court and have President Trump appoint all new judges for the two new appellate courts.

The judiciary is corrupt and must be brought back to their limited enumerated duties. That is to uphold the Constitution and the Law not make it.

Like President Trump said this is over-reach that is unprecedented. And is saying a lot.

As Barnes states; “The Hawaii judge’s decision says he has a First Amendment constitutional right to do so because he’s Muslim. It was one of the most extraordinary interpretations of the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment ever given, which is that because these are Muslim countries that were banned where the issue of terror arises from that that meant they had a special right to access the country and visit the country.”

Since the establishment of this Republic the Constitution has applied to citizens and those to some degree that are legally in our country.

Citizens have a constitutional right to expect the protection of federal laws which prohibit unauthorized activities by non-citizens are denied equal protection when a police department or magistrate acts in a manner that encourages or assists persons selected on the basis of nationality or alienage to engage in such unlawful activities.

Examples of Judicial Abuse: Judge Snow, Judge Bolton, the 9th circuit court, the U.S. Supreme Court and list is long.
• Judge Snow using his power to stop immigration enforcement and to illegally hold an Elected Sheriff in contempt for enforcing the laws. IMPEACHABLE
• Judge Bolton deciding that SB1070 cannot be enforced because it interferes with the Obama Administrations priorities and other stupid reasons. IMPEACHABLE
• Judge Arthur Anderson of Maricopa County Superior Court who on his own decided that Maricopa County Community College can ignore state law passed by 75% of Arizona voters and award hundreds of thousands of dollars giving illegal aliens in-state tuition in direct violation of the law. IMPEACHABLE
• Ninth Circuit Court deciding “Citizenship” does not matter for one to vote (Prop. 200, in 2004 passed by overwhelming majority). IMPEACHABLE
• Ninth Circuit deciding that violent illegal aliens cannot be held without bond (Prop. 100 passed with 78% of voters in 2006). IMPEACHABALE
• U.S. Supreme Court UnConstitutionally decided that 34 states could not protect traditional marriage, decided that there are more than 2 genders, they decided that Obama can ignore the law by Executive Order make what is illegal, legal and the list goes on. IMPEACHABLE
• Obama’s Hawaii Judge buddy makes an unprecedented ruling that is UnConstitutional and completely lawless, in his attempt to take away the Constitutional right of the President to protect Americans and is clearly an attempt to sabotage President Trump’s Presidency. IMPEACHABLE

Judges DO NOT decide what laws are to be enforced. They have no authority to interrupt law, they are to uphold the law, they must uphold the Constitution, and they are obligated to defend it. Judges cannot legally decide Gender or strike down 34 state Constitutions on Marriage. Yet, we allowed them to do so. Judges are simply attorneys with black robes. Article 3 Sec. 2 gives Congress the ability to reign the courts in, but have refused to do so.

I as an unapologetic American who will continue to defend the Constitution as established by divine intervention through our Founders. I the proud author of some of the most impacting legislation in the nation to strengthen the rule of law and state’s rights.

“It was one of the harshest condemnations ever issued, and one of its authors was former chief judge of the Ninth Circuit Alex Kozinsky, who is regarded as one of the best and brightest judges from anywhere in the country, even though he’s usually more on the liberal side of the spectrum,” he noted. “What they all pointed out is it doesn’t matter what your politics are, the law is clear. There was no basis for the prior Ninth Circuit decision. Well, this Hawaii decision goes further than any court had ever gone before. Hopefully, it will get reviewed and reversed, but in the interim, the country’s safety is put into jeopardy because one federal judge decided to anoint himself the one Supreme Court of the country.”

Marlow asked if President Trump had any recourse, other than waiting for a higher court to overturn the Hawaii decision. Barnes suggested he could “always do a true Andrew Jackson, since he was there yesterday,” referring to Trump’s visit to Andrew Jackson’s grave.

“When the Supreme Court issued a decision, Andrew Jackson’s famous comments were, ‘Well, they’ve issued their decision; now, they can enforce it,’” Barnes recalled. “He was the last president to really challenge a Supreme Court usurping authority they did not have.”

An awakening for all the liberals: The media lost. The anti-God crowd lost. The open border crowed lost (well mostly), corrupt Mayors lost, and the Washington Cartel lost. The corrupt Arizona Republic that did everything they could to get corrupt Hillary elected along with liberal open border, tax and spenders, anti-God candidates elected and they mostly LOST.


Americans were given one more chance to save our divinely established Republic. Stop out of control spending, focus on National Security, Support law enforcement, Repeal Obamacare, STOP RADICAL UNCONSTITUTIONAL COURT INTERFERENCE as they posed a great threat to this hope.

We have another chance to get it right. We are fed up with betrayal of those we elect. They wonder why we have so much disdain for Washington (and some locally). Maybe because they make promises and fail to keep them. Maybe it is because they compromise on our core values. Maybe it is because they ignore the damage to America. Maybe because they allow American jobs to be stolen. Maybe it is because they refuse to recognize they are complicate in the deaths and maimings of Americans as they refuse to enforce our laws and secure our borders. Maybe it is because they continue to push more socialist programs on the hard working Americans, while rewarding laziness. We are fed up with open border, socialist, cheap labor, tax and spenders, burdensome regulation while the American worker, the American taxpayer funds these destructive and costly policies.