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Accusation of Racism by an Obama style liberal 9th Circuit Court Judge to all who think the law matters, any surprise?

The greatest threat to this Republic are activist judges who think they can change law and decide the intent of legislation, just because they think it is so.  We do not live in a Judacracy!  Our Founding Fathers warned us of this and made sure Congress had the ability to reign them in.  (U.S. Constitution Article III and Article 1 Section 8)

Liberal Judges strike again.  If one upholds the law they are racist.  Judge Harry Pregerson apparently a liberal rock throwing Judge thinks that 75% of Arizona voters are racist.  Arizona voters (citizens) want our laws enforced, yes even against the UnConstitutional order of Obama on his DACA order giving legal status to illegal aliens all in violation of the Constitution, Federal law and Arizona law.   In 2006 75% of Arizona voters voted to stop the abuse of taxpayers to pay for illegal aliens in higher Ed, English as the Official Language of Arizona, NO bond of illegal aliens who commit serious felonies.   Apparently bad Arizona voters wanting the laws to be enforced and to stop paying hundreds of millions for handouts to illegals.  

Let me remind these liberal anti American, anti-law, anti-states’ rights and abusers of their sacred Oath to uphold the Constitution.  I got words for these anarchist, low life Judges.  They should be impeached.  Congress is derelict in their duty to not reign them in.  Article III and AArticle 1 Section 8 makes it clear Congress as the authority to limit Appellate Courts jurisdiction or fire them all.   

Hey, Judge Pregerson it is an Arizona Driver License not a federal document and we get to decide who gets one, not you.  Stop destroying the Constitution and the law.  Put me in jail for contempt, certainly you won’t let the 1st Amendment stand in the way, the rest of the Constitution apparently does not matter to you.  I would gladly go to jail in defense of the law and the Constitution.  

So an UnConstitutional act called DACA by a corrupt President is good enough for you and other liberal judges to ignore the damage to America, Americans, the rule of law and the Constitution.   WOW.  

I hold you in contempt Judge Pregerson. You and others who continue to legislate from the bench.  We The People must decide how long we are going to stand by and allow this to continue.  Congress must step up to the plate.  On a local level Arizona must get rid of this so called Merit system of selecting judges, where unelected folks get to decide who sits on the bench and rules that make it virtually impossible to remove them and we must elect them and on the federal side, Congress must reign them in and impeach those who continue to show contempt for the Constitution, the law and ignore their Oath of Office.    

Federal appellate judges grilled an attorney for the state over Arizona’s efforts to deny licenses to “dreamers,” with one suggesting it was nothing short of racism.  Because we refuse to cave into an UnConstitutional order by a rogue President and sanctioned by rogue judges.  Only Congress can change the law on one’s legal status, not this Barrack Husain Obama who sits in the White House or Judges.  

Judge Harry Pregerson points to an illegal order by one of his liberal colleagues to justify his illegal order instead of the Constitution or the Law that makes it very clear they have no authority to do what they are doing.  

Judge Pregerson said, “We know — at least I know — that no horrible thing has happened on the highways of Arizona since this went into effect,” is ignorance astounds me.  I guess if the 68,000 felony illegal aliens which of a 125 (plus) violent illegal aliens released from ICE custody murdered Americans and 1700 others who have committed over 7500 violent crimes, it would be ok to release them?  Those are the ones they caught, thousands of crimes are never solved.  

He then addressed Assistant Attorney General Dominic Draye, who was asking the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals to reverse what the trial judge’s order.

“What is the problem?” he asked.

“Does it come down to racism?” Pregerson continued. “Does it come down to discrimination against these people? What else does it come down to?”  What part of illegal does this corrupt judge not understand?

That suggestion left Draye confounded.

“Judge, I wish you wouldn’t say things like that,” he responded.

But Pregerson in his arrogance would not back down.  Race baiting, just like Obama.  Never mind right or wrong or the law.  What a complete “jerk”.  He has a robe so he can say what he wants?  NO and it is about time we stop this abuse from his kind.  

Assistant AG Draye has his hand full as he tries to convince the liberal appellate judges that the 2012 clearly illegal decision by Obama to create the illegal program cannot force Arizona to break the law from a 1996 state law which makes it clear licenses are not available to those whose presence in the country is not “authorized by federal law.”  DACA is not authorized under federal law.  Draye also argued, “But it lacks the force of law because it’s neither a statute nor a formal rule making nor a regulation,”  and he didn’t stop there.

“Even if it did have the force of law … that law would be unconstitutional,” he said, adding that only Congress can enact statutes.

Judge Marsha Berzon uses a weak and senseless point to defend the 9th Circus Courts actions.   

Berzon appeared to agree, saying what the state wants here is “the authority to define federal law.”  Only an attorney can confuse the issue so clearly.  

Assistant Attorney General Draye defending Arizona Judge has to put up with is arrogance and contempt for the law.   Like Draye said federal courts, in general, are required to defer to how state officials interpret state statutes if they have a “reasonable basis” for that decision.  

Again it is an Arizona Driver License, and we get to set the conditions of who gets one.  NO federal authority to regulate driver licenses and NO authority for the federal courts to weigh in on this issue.  

Our nation was conceived to provide equal protection to all “citizens” under the Constitution and the Law, we are turning into a lawless and Godless nation, a nation in serious trouble all in the name of diversity.  When government provides opportunity to one group over another it is discrimination and it breeds contempt.   We have a President who has no respect for Justice or the Rule of Law and continues to promote racial tensions through stupid, bigoted comments and actions.

Speaking plainly in English:  ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.  A corrupt and out of control judiciary must be stopped.  Judge Pregerson who simply is an attorney with a robe and who obviously thinks he can impose his liberal bias through the bench, is wrong and Congress can and must do something about it.  Illegal is illegal.  Illegal is a crime, not a race.  They are “illegal” and federal law makes that clear, and Arizona has a Constitutional Right, in fact a Constitutional duty.  Citizens have a Constitutional right to expect the enforcement of our laws and to be protected from those who break our laws.  

Actually Obama and the Courts are in violation of Federal law “a felony”.  It is a felony to harbor, aid, abet or encourage in anyway illegal aliens to remain in this country. 8 USC 1324.   

In another order, The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals the most liberal court in America even agreed the Obama DACA program has NO standing in law.  Of course all of this attack on the Rule of Law, the slap in the face to the voters and this abuse is praised by the media.
This section shall be enforced without regard to race, religion, gender, ethnicity or national origin. Maybe Judge Pregerson should read the law or even the Constitution.  He took an Oath, it would be nice if he knew what that Oath meant.  
Here in Arizona, we had a provocative idea and 75% of Arizona voters agreed; to enforce the laws of our land, protect our citizens and stand firmly behind the rule of law.
Seems like common sense, doesn’t it?  Well not to some who continue to push to reward those who break our laws at the expense of taxpayers.
Judges are not supposed to interpret the law how they want, they are bound to uphold law and the Constitution.  Attorney General Mark Brnovich in his comments made it clear that it is illegal to give them in-state tuition or any subsidized tuition.  READ THE LAW!!!!
There is a cost to this and it is huge. A report prepared by Fair Federation for American Immigration Reform has analyzed a state-by-state cost to taxpayers caused by illegal immigration.  That cost is $2.6 billion annually to Arizona just to educate, medicate and incarcerate illegal aliens.
10th Amendment; The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the states, are reserved to the states respectively, or to the people.

It is time to recall or remove the Regents (ABOR) who voted to ignore the law and cost of millions by giving illegal aliens in-state tuition.

It is time to reign in Maricopa Community College Board who approved in-state tuition for illegal aliens, all in violation of Arizona law.

It is time to remove Judge Arthur Anderson a Judge who thinks he can authorize folks to ignore and violate the law and decided he is the legislature.   He should be impeached and removed from office.   WE MUST RETURN TO THE ELECTION OF OUR JUJDGES.  They must answer to We The People for their behavior good and bad.  

Whether you agree or disagree with the issue, it is a state’s rights issue and must be left up to the states and the state legislature as to the law.  Not Presidents, Not Judges, Not bureaucrats, only Congress and state Legislatures can make law and the rest must carry it out.     

What has happened to our Republic?

John Adams, “We have no government armed with the power capable of contending with human passions unbridled by morality and religion.… Our Constitution was made only for a moral and a religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”

Senator Russell Pearce, former President of the Arizona Senate, Chief Deputy of the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office and author of SB1070, Employer Sanctions, English Arizona Official Language, No bail for violent illegal aliens.