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We are at a pivotal time in our Nation and our Party. I continue to be amazed and shocked at the Washington Cartel and the Chamber of Corruption’s attempts to turn this party into the Party of anything goes. And if the RNC dares to hijack our National Convention by a putting forth an Establishment candidate such as Kasich or Ryan it will blow up in their face. We the people, the grassroots of this Party have made it clear we do NOT want a weak kneed establishment candidate. We want a President that will return this nation to a nation of laws, a nation of values, a President who will stand with We the People and return to our Founders Constitution. It must be Cruz or Trump. The people have spoken. NO games.

This Party is the bed rock of the values that Americans have fought and died for from the beginning of this nation.

These are some our core values that keep me in this Party. It is the reason I and most grassroots conservatives belong to this party.


• We stand for Traditional Marriage
• We stand in defense of the unborn the most innocent life of all.
• We stand for Freedom
• We stand for limited Government as outlined in our U.S. Constitution
• We stand for low taxes
• We stand for private property rights
• We stand for private businesses ability to exercise their own judgement on hiring, firing and pay
• We stand for gender identity as recognized by God
• We stand for state’s rights and state’s sovereignty
• We stand for a secure America and a strong national defense
• We stand for border security
• We stand for legal and NOT illegal immigration
• We stand for enforcement of our immigration laws and deportation of those in violation
• We stand for free markets

This Party is the Party of our Founders inspired vision of America. In recent years we have not been the best stewards of those values. And we must return to our Founders Constitution.

Many of the big money donors, like Billionaire Singer who is pushing to change our Party Platform to accept Gay marriage, Amnesty and who helped prop up Rubio and the Gang of Eight who all want to make this Party the Democrat lite Party by removing our core values and thus destroying this Party.

The report issued by HRC and funded by Singer taking cheap shots on Brian Brown of NOM [National Organization for Marriage] and Ben Bull of Alliance Defending Freedom, two widely respected conservative leaders, as little more than criminals, complete with mug shots.

I want to be perfectly clear. The day this Party no longer stands firm on Pro Life issues, Traditional Marriage, defense of Religious Freedom, Property Rights, defense of 2nd Amendment and the Constitution, I will no longer be a part of this Party.

Speaking of not going to take it anymore; if the Washington Cartel the so called Elite of this Party allow the Rules to be changed so they can ignore the grassroots conservatives to nominate their candidate for President it will fracture this Party. Like my good friend Congressman Steve King said it may be the end of the Republican Party.

If they think they can push traitor Paul “Ryno” or Amnesty loving Kasich on us, they better think again.

I stand with the illegal alien victims of crime, who have taken a firm position against Paul Ryan better known as Paul Ryno who put Paul Ryan’s immigration policy as Treasonous. Paul Ryan has a two decade long history of pushing open border policies and anti-enforcement. He and the Gang of Eight have no respect for the law and have ignored the deaths and maimings caused by illegal aliens. In fact they are complicit in the deaths and maimings. They are complicit in American jobs being stolen. They are complicit in the billions of dollars in cost just to educate, medicate and incarcerate illegal aliens.

I am an unapologetic American and I am angry and I intend to stay angry until we get elected officials who keep their Oath, stand firm on our core values and promises and put America First.