Legislative Accomplishments

Legislative Accomplishments

As State Legislator and President of the Arizona Senate – District 25

  • SB1070, Support Our Law Enforcement And Safe Neighborhood Act
  • Employer Sanctions "The Fair and Legal Employment Act" (the toughest worksite enforcement bill in the nation, recently upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court in a 5 to 3 decision).
  • Proposition 200 known as Protect Arizona NOW (to reduce voter and welfare fraud), and was Co-Chair of the "Yes on Proposition 200" Committee.

    • Proof of citizenship to register to vote. The U.S. Constitution established more than 200 years ago that only citizens may vote. The initiative requires everyone equally to prove that eligibility. The Help America Vote Act of 2002 requires states to strengthen the integrity of their voter rolls, as does Title 7, Section 12 of the Arizona Constitution.
    • Photo I.D. required when voting. Photo I.D. is required to cash a check, apply for welfare, sign a lease, or get a rental card at a video store. Gov. Napolitano vetoed the Photo I.D. Bill, stating it was illegal. Yet 11 states already have laws requiring I.D. when voting. Some laws have been on the books for decades.
    • Proof of eligibility to receive non-federal mandated public benefits. This is already on the books. The initiative would require everyone to provide proof of eligibility equally. The Urban Institute studied this extensively in 1994, the University of Arizona in 2001, and estimated such costs to vary widely in the tens of millions of dollars.

  • Proposition 107 (to eliminate Affirmative Action in Arizona).
  • SB1108 "Freedom to Carry Act" (making Arizona #1 in the nation in Second Amendment freedoms). Ranked A+ by the NRA and top ranked by the Arizona Citizens Defense League ACDL.
  • Proposition 100 in 2006, a Constitutional Amendment (to refuse bond to any illegal alien who commits a serious crime in Arizona and passed by 78% of Arizona voters).
  • Proposition 102 (to require that any illegal alien who sue a Citizen cannot receive ANY punitive damages).
  • Proposition 103 (making English the Official Language of Arizona).
  • TABOR the Arizona "Taxpayers Bill of Rights" (several years in a row).
  • Prime sponsor of

    • Proposition 102 the Marriage Amendment.
    • legislation to honor, respect and protectlifeof the unborn children
    • legislation to protect private property rights
    • legislation to protect 2nd Amendment rights
    • Tax reduction legislation (largest tax relief package in state history)
    • Regulatory reduction measures for business and protection from undue actions by organized labor unions.

  • Recognized as a national leader and speaker on immigration enforcement, states rights and states inherent authority under the Constitution.
  • As President of the Senate, I produced a Constitutional balanced budget (no borrowing or gimmicks) in record time, the first balanced budget in years.
  • Brought about the strongest bill on transparency in government ever produced in Arizona.
  • Worked with Governor Brewer in the largest jobs bill in Arizona History to bring jobs to Arizona.
  • Worked to pass the largest tax reduction bill in state history in Arizona.
  • Recognized by the National Federation of Independent Business NFIB, the largestbusiness group in Arizona, as the top legislator in promoting business and jobs in Arizona.
  • 2009 Legislator of the Yearaward by Americans for Prosperity.
  • Recognized by the Goldwater Institute as the #1 legislator who proved to be the strongest ally"against government encroachment on liberty.
  • I was rated the #1 legislator by the Pachyderm Coalition, a Reagan Republican organization.
  • In 2006 I Authored Prop. 103 making English the Official language of Arizona.
  • I sponsored regulatory protection measures for business from organized labor
  • 100% voting record on pro life legislation
  • "Friend of the Family" by AZ Family Project in every single year
  • Introduced a Balanced Budget Constitutional Amendment to require Truth in Budgeting, transparency for taxpayers, stopping gimmicks and requiring government to not spend more money than it takes in.
  • Appointed by Maricopa County Board of Supervisors to set up and run a brand new Justice Court; North Mesa Justice Court inApril, 1991.Rated by the Arizona Supreme Court as one of the most efficient courts in Maricopa County.

and much more.

Here is a statement about just one of these bills by the Phoenix Law Enforcement Association, showing how the Arizona Legislature has corrected the impact of negative economic trends:

Since SB1070, Phoenix has experienced a 30-year low crime rate. 600 police vacancies, budget cuts, and old policing strategies didn"t bring about these falling crime rates; SB1070 did. When hard-working rank-and-file Phoenix Police Officers were given access to the tool of SB1070, the deterrence factor this legislation brought about was clearly instrumental in our unprecedented drop in crime. All of this happened without a single civil rights, racial profiling, or biased policing complaint. To ignore the positive impact of SB1070 in the City of Phoenix is to ignore the huge elephant in the middle of the room.