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“Texas Rising” is a new miniseries about Texans’ fight with Mexico for their land, and it reminds me of the sacrifice and blood loss to save this Republic. We have become a nation of wimps bent on total collapse. What does it take to wake up America? Remember the Alamo! A cry that should remind us of the Spirit of Americans. Americans have fought and died for this nation, only to watch our leaders give it away.


ICE admits that over 121 illegal aliens who were released from jail after being arrested for other crimes have committed murder. Maricopa County judges release 92 percent of illegal aliens who were arrested for other crimes. None of those other crimes should have happened. The thousands of crimes they committed were preventable. Government is complicit in those murders, felonies, and misdemeanors.


Illegal aliens kill more Americans annually than died in the World Trade Center on 9/11 and Pearl Harbor combined. Where is our compassion for the victims of these preventable criminal acts? Where is our dignity? Where are our elected officials and public servants on this issue? They have a duty. They have sworn an Oath. They have a moral obligation to the rule of law. Everyone wants to ignore the huge number of criminal acts – deaths, maimings, assaults, gang activity – and the billions in costs involving illegal aliens.


A Congressional Homeland Security Report says illegal aliens kill 9,000 Americans annually, 25 a day, 12 by stabbings and shootings and 13 by DUI and other related crimes. Yet we ignore this in order to appease the left, the open border crowd, and the cheap labor crowd (the “Profits-over- Patriotism” crowd). We ignore the Chamber of Corruption which pushes its agenda and minimizes the destruction with a trite brushoff: “This is just collateral damage.”


Dr. Deborah Schurman-Kauflin of the Violent Crimes Institute in Atlanta did a study which shows that shows that there are approximately 240,000 illegal alien sexual predators in the United States, with an average of 4 victims apiece. That translates to a million victims.


Judges ignore both the law and the people as they continue to award special rights to illegal alien invaders. The judges attack states’ rights, ignore the deaths and maimings of citizens. They ignore the cost to taxpayers of more than $2.6 billion a year in Arizona to educate, medicate and incarcerate illegal aliens. We grow our own bad guys, do we really need to import them?


Educrats whine about the lack of resources for K-12 and ignore the root cause of it – that is, thousands of kids who have been brought illegally to our country by their parents, who suck off the taxpayer. The cost is a billion dollars a year to educate these illegal aliens. Yet, not a peep from the educrats. Why? Because they don’t care where the students come from. Legal or illegal, it doesn’t matter as long as the bloated student population translates to more money, more teaching jobs, and bigger unions. New report shows the cost of each illegal alien is over $700,000 to the taxpayers.  It costs on average $9, 000 per year to educate one child. The average illegal alien family has three to four children. Even prior to the drastic uptick in illegal crossings, due to Obama’s invite, the cost of taking care of these illegal aliens was $2.6 billion a year.  


The Profits-over-Patriotism crowd (Chamber of Commerce) ignores the law because they want cheap labor, and they know that taxpayers will subsidize that labor.   The Barrons financial magazine puts the cost in tax evasion (cash paid under the table) at more than $300 billion annually. That puts the honest employer who obeys the law at a huge disadvantage and makes it more difficult, if not impossible, to compete with the dishonest/cheating employer. Twenty million Americans are either unemployed or under-employed, but that does not matter to the Chamber folks, as long as their self-interest is served.


Justice Scalia raises the question that needs to be faced by everyone who cares about our freedom: “Are the sovereign states at the mercy of the federal executive’s refusal to enforce the nation’s immigration laws?” The answer to that is clearly “No.”


SB1070 was supposed to put an end to all “catch and release” policies and illegal sanctuary policies within the state of Arizona. Arizona’s “Legal Workers Act” was supposed to stop employers from “knowingly” hiring illegal aliens, protect American and legal workers’ jobs, and protect honest employers from the illegal practices of companies which ignore the law.


The citizens of Arizona and the United States of America are suffering great harm and risk to their economy, health, property, and safety as a direct result of the wanton abrogation of U.S. immigration law by some of our local law enforcement agencies and officers and the Executive Branch of the United States government.


The state of Arizona is a sovereign state of the Union, having borders, laws, property, and legal inhabitants—and being such a state, maintains an unalienable right to self-defense, as clarified in Article 1 Section 10 of the Constitution, when faced with an unlawful menace that jeopardizes the peace and property of its citizens. But a right that isn’t exercised is useless. Therefore, I call on the Governor and the Arizona legislature to take immediate action against any public official who refuses to enforce our laws. I demand we enforce our laws and secure our border.  


Senator Russell Pearce, Unapologetic American, former President of Arizona Senate and Chief Deputy of the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office