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I mourn the loss of a great man. Justice Antonin Scalia was a hero of mine. Especially as it pertains to the Constitution and the Rule of Law. He was an influence on the court that will be sorely missed by those of us that love this Republic and firmly believe it is an inspired document intended to preserve our liberties for all time. Yep, and no lawyer with a robe can legally change or alter it in any fashion.

Pause for a moment. The Supreme Court is made up of a bunch of lawyers dressed up like judges. They sit in their black robes and take up critical issues that can often change the very social fabric of society and a value systems set firm from the foundation of time and then they debate them. They have this staff of young “lawyers,” recent graduates who write their opinions for them. They love to use case law (legal opinions) of the past as if they are the Constitution and the law of the land. That is what they are taught in law school. Put on a robe and they get to act like Gods. You get to decide the law of the land in spite of the Constitution and our Founding Fathers intent.

It is hard to imagine the Supreme Court without Justice Scalia, known for his dedication to the Constitution. His ability to articulate through his opinions a firm support for the Constitution and a deep disdain when the Justices stray from their duty to protect and preserve the Constitution.

In this Presidential race for President it has become very clear as to what is at stake.

While I appreciate Donald Trump’s contribution on very, very critical issues, I have concerns about his commitment to critical Constitutional issues and especially the vetting of a Supreme Court Justice.

We have experienced an extreme over reach of our courts at all levels. The courts are the greatest threat to this Republic. The Supreme Court is supposed to be the back stop for stopping judicial abuse and preserve the Constitution as written. But, they too have engaged in this UnConstitutional and dangerous behavior. Justice Scalia has spoken out on several occasions about the abuse.

The courts are supposed to uphold the Constitution, NOT INTERPRET IT. They are to uphold the law, not decide if they like it or not.

A warning to our Senators of the GOP!!!! If they move to allow any nominee by this Lame Duck Extremist President to move forward THEY WILL BE REMOVED. Hugh Hewitt a radio host of the patriot radio show made it clear. Hugh is not a rock solid Constitutional Conservative, but close most of the time, but he certainly has it right on this issue.

WE are at a pivotal point in our nation. WE have a court that is evenly divided on Textual or Originalist of the Constitution. This appointment will affect this Republic for decades to come. With such critical issues facing this nation and advancing to this court, the appointment should be made by one we can hold accountable not one leaving office and has made it clear he has no intent of working with Congress or confining himself to the Constitutional limitations set in Article III of the Constitution.

I do not trust Majority Leader Mitch McConnell or Speaker Paul Ryno, but hope and pray they hold the line on this critical issue. They have given Obama everything he has asked for and sold America down the river. Damage we can never completely recover from.

This is a pivotal time for our Republic. We must demand they hold the line. There is no greater issue facing our nation right now than this one. The balance of our Supreme Court will either preserve this Republic or completely dismantle it.

We must demand judicial reform. Stop activist judges from changing law or ignoring the Constitution as written and hold them accountable. We do not and must not allow judges to change the law or the Constitution. We must have leaders that will defy UnConstitutional over reach of the courts. We do not live in a ‘Judacracy,” we live in a Republic that was intended to protect our inalienable rights (God given), and a system with checks and balances with three separate branches of government, with limited and enumerated powers and the rest reserved for the states. A court system that was to be the safe guard against run a way abuse of government. Not intended to become a 3rd branch of law making or influence peddling lawyers.

I believe the greatest threat to this Republic, even more than the Malfeasance of President Obama is the overreaching judiciary.

Activist judges through the abuse of authority by refusing to keep their Oath of Office, when they interpret the law or the Constitution what they really are doing is changing the law or re-writing the Constitution. They destroy the rule of law, the push their social agenda through the bench. The courts were never intended to impose their will on us, they were to uphold the law and the Constitution as written. Justice Antonin Scalia was famous for demanding the courts honor the original intend of the Constitution and the law.

Out next Justice must be a warrior for Constitutional adherence and the rule of law. No more, No less. The courts have been the liberals go to for overturning the law and the will of people through judicial abuse for many years. It is time to reign them in as our Founders intended. Congress do your job or find a new one.