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Sheriff Joe Arpaio in contempt in federal court. Really??? Judge Snow should be held in contempt of the Constitution. He issued an “illegal” order telling Sheriff Joe NOT to enforce the law. The law is the law and must be enforced. We cannot allow this corrupt judiciary to continue to dismantle the rule of law and the Constitution. It is a daily happening.

Just like our own state Judge Arthur Anderson who decided the law passed in 2006 by 75% of voters that forbid illegal aliens from receiving in-state tuition or taxpayers subsidies was no longer valid because Obama decided to ignore the law. It is illegal under federal law and very specific it is illegal under Arizona law. Yet Judge Anderson decided the law does not matter.

Judge Anderson, the Maricopa County Community College Board and the Arizona Board of Regents who voted for in-state tuition for illegals should all be arrested, or at least removed from office and held in contempt of law, contempt of taxpayers and for violation of their Oath of Office.

I would go to jail before I allowed a Judge or anyone else who ordered me not to keep my Oath, my duty to the Constitution and Constitutional law.

Federal law and Arizona state law forbids illegal aliens from getting in-state tuition period. It is their duty to keep ones Oath of Office. No Judge has a right to ignore the law and ok others to break the law. Judge Anderson and Judge Snow forgot they took the same Oath. And Arizona’s law SB1070 and Arizona’s Legal Workers Act, were upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court.

Of course the radical left and the leftist Arizona Republic loves this Judge’s attempt to thwart any efforts to enforce our laws on immigration.

Perhaps they should move to Godless and lawless state of California and join California’s San Francisco’s efforts to give California, Nevada, Arizona and Texas to Mexico and divide up the nation by race.

Facts: No law was broken. In fact just the opposite, the Sheriff was enforcing the law. Sheriff Joe, broke no law. The only law broken was by Judge Snow. Judge Snow decided he does not like the Sheriff enforcing immigration laws. That is simply corruption and Judge Snow has NO authority to order the Sheriff not to enforce the law, I don’t care if he likes the way it is being done or not. If he wants to change the law he ought to run for office.

It reminds me of another similar act when a Judge ordered Kim Davis of Kentucky who broke no law, charged with no crime, had no trial, who’s only offense was to defy an illegal court’s order who ordered Kim Davis to issue a marriage licenses to gay couples in violation of the Kentucky Constitution.

She was sent to jail by a Judge for breaking NO law, but simply refusing to violate Kentucky’s Constitution protection of traditional marriage and her 1st Amendment rights. No federal authority on marriage, it is a states right under the Constitution and the 10th Amendment. Kentucky along with 33 other states passed Constitutional protection of marriage between a man and a woman.

Judge Snow’s ruling could be very costly to the taxpayers of Maricopa County and a slap in the face to law abiding citizens as it will reward law breakers. Why is it so hard to understand “illegal?”

It reminds me of the 70’s when the Ninth Circuit decided that inmates needed law libraries, weight rooms, hotel like accommodations, etc. It cost Maricopa County millions of dollars as we had to build jails. The Ninth Circuit doubled needed jail space requirement for our inmate population.

Again, no law was cited. Because no law was broken. Yet Judge Snow a liberal attorney dressed up like a Judge on his own decided the Sheriff and Command Staff engaged in multiple acts of misconduct, dishonesty, and bad faith with respect to the Plaintiff class and the protection of its rights,” Snow wrote.

Judge Snow should go to jail. I would happy to talk to the Sheriff and get him a tent with a view.

I have not heard from our Attorney General on this issue. He should be filing a petitions against an out of control judge. The problem is lawyers never want to cross a judge as most of them envision themselves as future judges.

Where is our Elected Attorney General in going after Maricopa County College Board and Arizona Board of Regents who are in direct violation of the law (Prop 300) and at a cost of millions to Arizona taxpayers?

I don’t dislike our Attorney General, but he must be a warrior in defense of the law and all those we elect to enforce our laws. It is their legal duty to stop the abuse of this Judacracy. The courts are is a greater threat to this Republic than the corruption and malfeasance of Obama.

I have always been proud of a Sheriff that is not a coward, who does not bend to every whim of a corrupt judiciary, leftist politicians, radical open border groups, cheap labor Chamber, or a Department of Justine that is really the Department of In-Justice who prides itself in supporting lawlessness, hatred for police, pro radical Islam, open border, pro illegal alien and clearly has contempt for Americans, our God given rights and wants to put our children at risk of perverts in a gender bias order.

Where is the outrage? Where are our leaders on this issue? Speaking of a stupid and dangerous order by the Obama administration on gender neutral bathrooms that puts our children at risk. We the people of Arizona WILL NOT comply with this immoral order by Obama that puts our children at risk. It simply will not happen under my watch. Don’t even try!!!

The Arizona Republic wrote, “Arpaio’s acknowledgment in April that the Sheriff’s attorneys had hired a private detective to investigate Snow’s wife”. That is not a true statement by itself. She was reported to have made statements, “…that her husband, Judge Snow was going finally to get Sheriff Joe and destroy him” and they simply were trying to verify if that was true. I guess it was ok for Judge Snow to threaten Sheriff Joe and still sit in judgement over a case involving Sheriff Joe. He should have recused himself. But a corrupt Judge would never miss an opportunity to go after the Sheriff who is doing the job the feds refuse to do in protecting Arizona citizens, protecting jobs for Americans and keeping one’s Oath of Office.

Judge Snow was angry that the Sheriff had decided to take the illegals and drop them off at Border Patrol as the Feds decided they would not even pick them from Maricopa County, again in violation of law. That’s what you do when the Obama administration decides it will not pick them up, you deliver them to the feds.

A clever and right thing to do. If need be I would hand cuff them to a border fence … if we had one. Whatever it takes as the Feds have refused to do their job in direct violation of the law. I will do whatever it takes to protect American from those who break our laws. It is our duty.

Then Judge Snow in direct violation of federal law decided that Sheriff Joe was wrong to arrest them if they had not committed additional crimes. I guess we wait until they commit rape, murder, theft or whatever before we enforce the law. They are in violation of the law if they are illegally in Arizona. It is already a crime. Again a personal open border opinion, but in direct violation of law.