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Today, Sheriff Penzone decided citizens do not deserve protection from law breakers. Sheriff Penzone decided American jobs not worth saving. Sheriff Penzone just declared he will NOT enforce our immigration laws dealing with illegal employers or arresting illegal aliens. That is in direct violation of Arizona law and federal law. Does one expect anything else when George Soros who spend big bucks to get Penzone elected?

Citizens have a constitutional right to expect the protection from law breakers, including both Arizona and federal laws which prohibit unauthorized activities by non-citizens are denied equal protection when a police department or magistrate acts in a manner that encourages or assists persons to engage in such unlawful activities.
ARS: 11-1051. Cooperation and assistance in enforcement of immigration laws; indemnification

A. No official or agency of this state or a county, city, town or other political subdivision of this state may limit or restrict the enforcement of federal immigration laws to less than the full extent permitted by federal law.

B. For any lawful stop, detention or arrest made by a law enforcement official or a law enforcement agency of this state or a law enforcement official or a law enforcement agency of a county, city, town or other political subdivision of this state in the enforcement of any other law or ordinance of a county, city or town or this state where reasonable suspicion exists that the person is an alien and is unlawfully present in the United States, a reasonable attempt shall be made, when practicable, to determine the immigration status of the person, except if the determination may hinder or obstruct an investigation. Any person who is arrested shall have the person’s immigration status determined before the person is released. The person’s immigration status shall be verified with the federal government pursuant to 8 United States Code section 1373(c). A law enforcement official or agency of this state or a county, city, town or other political subdivision of this state may not consider race, color or national origin in implementing the requirements of this subsection except to the extent permitted by the United States or Arizona Constitution…
Now illegal aliens have the run of Maricopa County and American jobs are for the taking, thanks to Sheriff Penzone who does not think it is his job to enforce the law and has decided to publically announce he will not go after illegal employers of enforce our laws Where is Sheriff Joe when you need him?

Penzone should be impeached. Every city and county in this state that are not strictly enforcing the immigration laws are breaking the law and are in violation of their Oath and must be removed from office. Refusal to enforce the law and will result more Americans dying and he does not care. Americans will be out bid for jobs and he does not care, even though it is illegal under federal law and Arizona law not to enforce the law. The taxpayers will continue to pay to educate, medicate and incarcerate illegal aliens. Jobs will continue to be stolen.

City of Phoenix is already a Sanctuary City and in fact is violating federal law as they are issuing ID cards to aid and abet illegal aliens. In addition to federal law below, in Arizona you can also lose your business license.

FEDERAL LAW: A person (including a group of persons, business, organization or local government) commits a federal felony when he:
• Assists an alien whom he should reasonably know is illegally in the U.S. or who lacks employment authorization, by transporting, sheltering, or assisting him to obtain employment,
• Encourages that alien to remain in the U.S., by referring him to an employer, by acting as employer or agent for an employer in any way, or
• Knowingly assists illegal aliens due to personal convictions. Penalties upon conviction include criminal fines, imprisonment, and forfeiture of vehicles and real property used to commit the crime.

Aliens and employers violating immigration laws are subject to arrest, detention, and seizure of their vehicles or property. In addition, individuals or entities who engage in racketeering enterprises that commit (or conspire to commit) immigration-related felonies are subject to private civil suits for treble damages and injunctive relief. Recruitment and Employment of Illegal Aliens It is unlawful to hire an alien, to recruit an alien, or to refer an alien for a fee, knowing the alien is unauthorized to work in the United States. (In Arizona it is the law that all employers use E-Verify on all hires, failure subjects them to not only criminal charges under federal law if they hire an illegal, but suspension or revocation of business license under Arizona law)
• It is equally unlawful to continue to employ an alien knowing that the alien is unauthorized to work.
• Employers may give preference in recruitment and hiring to a U.S. citizen over an alien with work authorization only where the U.S. citizen is equally or better qualified.
• It is unlawful to hire an individual for employment in the United States without complying with employment eligibility verification requirements.
• Requirements include examination of identity documents and completion of Form I-9 for every employee hired. Employers must retain all I-9s, and, with 3 days advance notice, they must be made available for inspection.

Employment includes any service or labor performed for any type of remuneration within the United States.

A new law in Arizona subjects any political subdivision who violates state law to loss of state revenue.

Sanctuary Polices are illegal!! SB1070 is the law of the land; but ignored by most local politicians. They call a law that protects American and Americans controversial? Apparently the deaths and maimings of Americans are not controversial. Jobs taken from Americans not controversial. Billions to educate, medicate and incarcerate illegal aliens not controversial. Home invasions, kidnappings, car jackings, molestations, rapes, drug smuggling, humane smuggling not controversial. Whose side is the media on? Why is standing up for America controversial? I am not sure what part of illegal they don’t get. Shame on them and those who continue to ignore the destruction of the rule of law and this nation.

“This country has lost control of its borders. And no country can sustain that kind of position.” – President Ronald Reagan

“We are a nation of laws. We must have the courage – the fortitude – to enforce, with compassion but without apology, those laws that protect the integrity of our borders and the rights of our lawful citizens.” – Senator Russell Pearce

States have inherent authority to enforce all immigration laws; “One of the reasons Washington hates the Arizona immigration law is, it sent a clear signal to every state they can do the job Washington has refused to do. Now that we have an American in the White House, things may change and that will be a change most Americans are praying for.

Congress has firmly established that there is a significant public interest in the effective enforcement of immigration law. Congress could have chosen to limit local enforcement pursuant to its plenary power over immigration, but it has not done so. The statutory law of the United States is part of the law of each state just as if it were written into state statutory law. States do not need a 287g, IGA, MOU or a permission slip to arrest illegal aliens. The 287g has nothing to do with arrest authority, it goes beyond the arrest powers as states already have inherent authority to make arrests, 287g is for post arrest, the ability to team up with the feds on investigations and expedite deportations, nothing to do with arrest authority!!!!
Deportation is not a bad word, it is what happens under the law when you break into our country.

Sanctuary Policies are policies that prohibit or limit local authorities from enforcing our immigration laws. We must eliminate ALL sanctuary polices in America. We are a nation of laws. Americans are pressuring States to pass immigration laws like the one passed in Arizona, SB1070! States need to do everything within their power to stop the illegal alien invasion at the State level. That is where the enforcement impact is.


We must stand up for America, the rule of law and in defense of this nation. Like Patrick Henry said; “if not now, when?”

Senate Bill 1070 has brought out and exposed the left wing open border radicals against the rule of law, who defend law breakers over law keepers, against the citizens of this nation, against this Constitutional Republic and are pro law breakers and are complicit in the destruction of this nation.

Illegal is not a race, it is a crime. The law applies to everyone and protects citizen’s rights. Local law enforcement has no more authority to stop someone today, than they did before SB1070 was passed, SB1070 just made it not enforcing the law illegal. After they have a lawful contact and have “reasonable suspicion” they can ask questions and act on that information on one’s legal status if they have reason to believe they are in violation of federal and now state law, like we allow for any other crime. Under current federal law Sanctuary policies are illegal. Local, state, or federal government agencies that sanction or retaliate against employees or officials who report immigration law violations to ICE or the Border Patrol can be sued by the whistleblower under 8 U.S.C. 1373 or 8 U.S.C. 1644 for damages and costs.

The courts have ruled: Illegal aliens are not a suspect class entitled to Fourteenth Amendment based strict scrutiny of any discriminatory classification based on that status, nor are they defined by an immutable characteristic, since their status is the product of conscious unlawful action.

Under current federal law, every alien who has been issued a registration document is a required to carry that document on his or her person. Federal regulations specify the immigration document is evidence of alien registration. The U.S. Supreme Court has held that the unregistered presence of an alien in the U.S. is in itself a crime. Failure to register is a continuing violation for which there is no statute of limitations. Other criminal misdemeanors are failure to have a registration card in personal possession ($100 fine and /or 30 days imprisonment), and failure to report a change of address ($200 fine and /or 30 days).

A law enforcement officer has probable cause to detain an individual who admits he or she is an alien (legal or illegal) but is not in possession of registration documents. This is a crime that a warrant less arrest can be made.

During the debate of SB1070 my friend Rob Krentz was murdered on his ranch at the border and another attempted murder on a Phoenix Police Officer by an illegal alien with felony warrants on him. When is enough, enough for you? The cost of not enforcing our laws!! Killings, maimings, car jackings, home invasions, kidnappings, American jobs taken, wages suppressed, billions to educate, medicate and incarcerate. I have a son, Sean who works for Maricopa County Sheriff who was critically wounded in a gun battle with an illegal alien who was wanted for a homicide.

Just to name a very few murders and maimings of police officers and citizens in Arizona by illegal aliens
• Mesa Police officer Martinez killed
• Grant Ronnebeck murdered
• Rob Krentz a Rancher murdered
• Phoenix Officer Shane Figueroa (killed)
• Phoenix Officer Nick Erfle (Murdered)
• Phoenix Office Glidewell (shot in chest)
• Child serial rapist in Chandler sentenced to 169 years for multiple rates and molestations
• 15 year old raped in Scottsdale by school janitor
• 15 year old kidnapped and raped in Guadalupe
• Phoenix Officer Marc Atkinson (murdered)
• Phoenix Officer Robert Sitek (murdered)
• Kris Eggle-park ranger in southern Arizona (murdered)
• Border Patrol Agent James Epling (murdered)
• Deputy Sean Pearce critically wounded (shot by homicide suspects)
• Deputy Lew Argetsinger (shot my homicide suspects)
• Sgt. Manuel H. Tapia was shot by a drug suspect
• DPS Officer Robert K. Martin, 57, was shot to death – his assailant, Ernesto Salgado Martinez, a 19-year-old ex-convict
• Agent Richard Fass, 37, of the United States Drug Enforcement Agency, murdered
• Agent Alexander Kirpnick, 27, Border Patrol, murdered
• Jason Schechterle suffered fourth-degree burns when his patrol care went up in flames after being struck by a taxi – the driver was an illegal alien.
• Gilbert mother killed by illegal alien fleeing from police in Mesa
• Tracy Kelly 17 year old Highland High student (killed)
• Jason, Decorated Iraq war veteran stabbed in his own front yard by illegal alien
• Mother “legal immigrant” killed by illegal alien trying to ram Sheriff’s Deputy’s car in Phoenix
• Tracy “17 year old” killed by drunk illegal alien

When is enough, enough?

A Congressional report: “Drawing a Line in the Sand” indicates that 9,000 Americans are killed every year by illegal aliens. 25 per day, 12 by stabbings and shootings and 13 by DUI and related crimes. That is just collateral damage to the deceptive, treasonous, open border crowd. Enough is enough.

Study: 1 million sex crimes by illegals; More than 100 sex offenders crossing border daily Deborah Schurman-Kauflin: Based on a one-year in-depth study, a researcher estimates there are about 240,000 illegal immigrant sex offenders in the United States who have had an average of four victims each.

Today the only reasons our immigration laws are not enforced are Political, not a lack of Authority, that is going to change in America.


Senator Russell K. Pearce, former President of the Arizona Senate, Chief Deputy Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office, Judge, President of Ban Amnesty NOW, 1st Vice Chair of the Arizona GOP, Author of SB1070, Prop. 200 in 2004, , Employer Sanctions in 2007, Prop. 100, 102 103 and 300 in 2006 and currently Chief Deputy of the Maricopa County Treasurer’s Office