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So Montini wants to be my campaign chairman

A couple of months ago Montini wrote: IT SHOULD BE TRUMP/PEARCE IN 2016

“Could this be Donald Trump’s future running mate?”

Now Montini goes on to say about Tuesday night’s debate.

“All those presidential candidates on stage for the Republican debate Tuesday night and the winner was… Russell Pearce?


Clear cut.

Russell wins.

– I wrote about how Donald Trump was stealing a page from Pearce’s anti-immigrant, border-paranoia playbook.

Nearly 10 years ago I visited Pearce at the office he then had at the state House of Representatives and he spoke of his affection for a cruel, questionably effective mass deportation program nicknamed “Operation Wetback” that was instituted by President Dwight Eisenhower in the 1950s…leading to his spearheading the passage of Arizona’s notorious anti-immigrant SB 1070.”

OK Montini, a little clarification needed. I am honored that you recognize my efforts and promote me as “The Donald’s” running mate. However, I have never been “anti” immigrant, I am “anti-“illegal.” I understand the Arizona Republic has a hard time understanding the difference, it interferes with the left’s agenda of transforming America into a Lawless and Godless nation.

Despite the distortions/lies reported by the media, SB1070 is the law. 10 of the 13 Sections were upheld by the Supreme Court. Sanctuary Policies in Arizona are illegal in Arizona. Law enforcement has complete authority to arrest and hold illegals.

Mr. Montini I still appreciate the compliment and honored to be in the mix with Sheriff Joe and “The Donald.” But my first choice is still Senator Ted Cruz.

It is clear that Americans strongly support my position of enforcement, however controversial to the pro Amnesty, open border, cheap labor crowd. May I remind you that after SB1070 passed, 73% of Americans supported it? Thousands of illegals left Arizona, crime dropped 3 times the national average. Joblessness dropped for American workers.

Media doesn’t care about “all lives matter.” Talk about “cruel,” is the deaths, maimings, billions in cost to educate, medicate, and incarcerate illegals. Heck with the Citizens who pay this price for government failure to protect.

A reminder, SB1070 was virtually supported by all law Enforcement in Arizona and 9 out of the 13 Sheriffs.

Phoenix Police, PLEA Arizona’s largest law enforcement association stated: “Since SB1070, Phoenix has experienced a 30-year low crime rate …SB1070 did it. When hard-working rank-and-file Police Officers were given access … to SB1070, the deterrence factor this legislation brought was clearly instrumental in our 30 year low, unprecedented drop in crime. All of this without a single civil rights, racial profiling, or biased policing complaint.” Yet you continue to call enforcement controversial.

Again, I guarantee I would stand up for the rule of law and Americans, the border would get secured and those in the county “illegally” would need to pack their bags and go home and come in the right way, no exception. No more lies by the left that you have to legalize the 23 million illegal aliens in America or round them up. Neither is true.

If we stop hanging out the bird feeders, the birds quit coming.

No more free stuff, illegal jobs, no more food stamps, no more Sanctuary Cities, and no more promises of Amnesty.

Fix the UnConstitutional application of the 14th Amendment. No more births based on one’s GPS location, must be born to U.S. Citizens. Just maybe we can get back to honoring The Constitution, following the rule of law and protecting Americans from those who break our laws. No “new” Amendment needed. Congress can fix it today, just another failure of Congress as they have failed us on fixing this absurd policy.

You are right I did take on this battle actually over two decades ago and Trump is following my lead, I am proud of that. Ted Cruz also supports everything I and the state of Arizona has done. We are tired of “Catch and Release” programs that put Americans at risk, I wrote and sponsored SB1070 to eliminate Sanctuary Cities and enforce the law of the land, a bad bill according to you, and yet what it really did was take the handcuffs off from law enforcement to protect citizens and not turn a blind eye to the killings, maimings, job loss to Americans and Billions in taxpayer expense. Supported by 73% of Americans.

Oh heck why worry about a few Americans murdered daily by the Catch and Release policies of Obama, Mayors and Police Chiefs as they stand by and ignore the murders, maimings, job loss and billions in taxpayer expense?

100,000 convicted criminal illegal aliens released back onto American streets by Obama and since their release have committed over 194 murders, thousands of rapes, robberies and DUI violations, but this is not controversial?

I guess Mr. Trump being the clear front runner for months over other GOP contenders for President ought to be clear and convincing evidence. All these deaths and maimings of citizens by illegal aliens is just collateral damage to you and other open border folks. Some of us believe in national security and the rule of law and keeping our Oath of Office. I know that is unusual in today’s world. And we believe all lives matter.

My favorite Senator Ted Cruz the consistent conservative, consistently speaks out for secure borders, interior enforcement and NO Amnesty. However, the media has virtually ignored him on this issue until Donald Trump came along. Thank you Donald.

President Dwight D. Eisenhower recognized the risk to America. Yes, President Eisenhower did have a program called “Operation Wetback” and I like The Donald would not use that terminology. But let’s focus on the problem and do whatever it takes to secure our border and enforce our laws. Again of the approximate 2 million who left, most of whom self-deported.

You did quote me correctly on “they’re tired of the games… It’s past time that somebody steps forward in recognizing the damage to America and make Americans proud again.

Illegal is a crime, not a race. It applies to everyone equally, I made sure of that in the language of SB1070.

You’re right Mr. Montini, I am an extremist when it comes to this Republic, freedom and a secure America. I remember another extremist. Barry Goldwater, “Extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice; moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue.” Yes, I am vigilant on protecting America and Americans from “illegal” activity, author of Prop. 200, 100, 102, 103, 300, Legal Workers Act, SB1070 and others.

No Retreat, No surrender. God Bless America and may our leaders have the courage to fix the problem.