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The Bi-Partisan Washington Cartels are in deep, deep trouble.

Senator Russell Pearce

Let me see, will they side WITH Trump or will THEY side with Cruz. LOL. Both of them are feared by the entrenched establishment. The most frightening thing you can do to the Bi-Partisan Washington Cartel or the Establishment as they liked to be called is threaten their power and control of Washington. Trust me they will not go down without a fight. The media will lie and the Cartel will lie and both will spend huge amounts of money and ink in doing all they can to protect their reign of power. They will do whatever they believe they can get away with to prevent the loss of power. I am excited to see Americans not falling for the lies.

Neither Trump nor Cruz will play their game of ignoring the grassroots who have been betrayed time and time again by those elected and trusted to keep their promises. The big money and media influence such as the K-street lobbyist and the Chamber of Corruption have a strangle hold on Washington Politicians on both sides of the aisle.

Enough is enough. It will not be business as usual in Disneyland with a new cast of characters, unlike the sorted characters their now who prey on the public’s penchant for more stuff from the Cartels, while ignoring the real issues and the hard working Americans who foot the bill for the spendaholics in Washington.

They continue to make promises and break them with impunity.

Cruz is supported by the Constitutional Conservatives in Congress, the few that are there and both Trump and Cruz are loved by those that want to fix Washington, secure our borders, enforce our laws, cut reckless spending, stop the assault on families, cut waste and fraud, out of control entitlements, stand up for America and Americans and stop the PC crowd bent on destroying all common sense in America.

I would love to see a Cruz/Trump or a Trump/Cruz ticket and watch Washington implode. The real winners will be the hard working, freedom loving, Constitutional revering Patriots who have fought and shed blood for our freedoms only to watch them thrown away by this President who has shown and continues to show his contempt for America and our Founding values and Principles as he embraces our enemies and shuns America.

I do not expect perfection, but I do expect nothing less than a President who lives by the Constitution, keeps the promises made to the American people and recognizes the importance of hard work and personal responsibility. Stop the legal plunder of hard working Americans as Washington continues to plunder from the wage earners. No more genuflecting to foreign diplomats. No more apologizing for enforcing our laws. Deportation and enforcement are not a bad words, it is THEY ARE the law of the land and our responsibility to the legal and lawful citizens of this United States of America. Let us never forget the victims of this government’s failures that has caused thousands of Americans to be killed and maimed by our leaders failure to honor their commitment to the laws and the Constitutional Freedoms they swore to protect.

Not to mention the Clinton legacy of lies, corruption, money laundering, THE sellING out of America for the right price, THE victims of abuse by Bill Clinton who are speaking up again and of coursed COURSE their complicities COMPLICITY in the deaths of Americans in Benghazi, Fast and Furious and the list goes on.

You have never seen Washington more afraid. I say be afraid, be real afraid Washington, things are going to change.