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Headline AZ Republic, “State must continue to issue licenses to young undocumented (ILLEGAL) immigrants who receive deportation deferments from President Barack Obama”

Here we go again. The Ninth Circuit Court upholds Judge Campbell’s illegal order to set aside Arizona law that prohibits anyone in the U.S. illegally from being issued a Driver license or state ID, PERIOD. It is the law!!! No Judge has the authority to set aside the law. Obama’s DACA order did not change the law, it was an illegal effort to grant Amnesty to his future voters and has NO standing in law. The courts are without any authority to change the law. The state MUST NOT comply with any illegal order by the courts.

The 9th Circuit Court often referred to as the 9th Circus Court not surprisingly upholds the UnConstitutional order of Judge Campbell. These are impeachable offenses, but of course I don’t expect are weak kneed Congress or legislature to take action. After all they did nothing when Obama issued an illegal order, they not only have allowed him to reign as Dictator and Chief they have helped him by funding his illegal and UnConstitutional acts.

The courts are the greatest danger We the People have in this Republic. We were warned by our Founders about the potential for abuse by the courts.

In January 2015, Campbell issued a permanent injunction (an illegal act) by blocking an executive order by former Gov. Jan Brewer that barred the state from issuing driver’s licenses as prohibited under Arizona law to illegal aliens. Obama’s UnConstitutional Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, known as DACA.(by the way one of those deferral arrivals just killed a citizen!!). Apparently deaths, maimings, cost is all just collateral damage to the open border crowd.

Brewer argued that Obama’s program was illegal and therefore undocumented (illegal) immigrants granted work permits through his program were not entitled to driver’s licenses because they lacked legal presence to be in the U.S. as required under state law.

Tell the Judges who are simply attorneys dressed up to look like Judges, to pack sand. Don’t issue the license. It is an Arizona driver license and it is regulated by Arizona law. Not the courts and especially the federal courts.

Campbell, ruled that argument didn’t hold water because Arizona already issued work permits to other non-citizens with the same kind of work permits and those who received work permits under Obama’s program were no different. What a stupid comparison. The others are “legally” in the country. Obama cannot change the law. It is an order with no standing in law and certainly no Constitutional authority.

Of course the ACLU who continues to defend, illegal aliens, baby killers, death row inmates, gay marriage and every other destructive and anti-American issue they can find is all over this one.

Just yesterday we had comments made on the floor of the Senate by a Democrat Senator about local control and had to be reminded of the Constitutional delegation of authority. Gee, it would be nice if they read the Constitution before they could run for office then have the courage and devotion to keep their Oath of Office.


We continue to elect those who fail to keep their promises, to:
• Reign in activist judges,
• Stop all Amnesty efforts,
• Secure our Borders,
• Stop UnConstitutional Executive orders,
• Respect state’s rights,
• Stop out of control spending
• Eliminate debt that puts this nation at risk

We the People need to take control of our Republic and take action against overreaching judges, UnConstitutional Executive Orders; Congress who refuses to control its appetite for power, Congress who refuses to remove incentives to break our laws i.e.:
• UnConstitutional application of the 14th Amendment
• Governors and state legislators who fail defend state sovereignty
• Stop Congressional or Executive abuse
• Demand local politicians and Police Chiefs enforce our laws and protect Citizens from those who break our laws.

Government is complicit in the deaths, maimings and cost to Americans. The cost just keeps mounting and we don’t remove bad judges who re-write the law, or trample on the Constitution,

We pass laws at the ballot by a huge majority such as Prop. 300 (75%), and then your Board of Regents and Community Colleges decide they don’t have to follow it. They hide behind another liberal Judge who decides that the law does not matter. No sanctions. No legislative action, no removal from office,

REMEMBER: A beautiful young lady shot in the back, murdered by a violent illegal alien in Sanctuary City San Francisco; a fatal accident in Pinal Co. by a drug induced illegal alien previously deported; the young man at the Mesa QT market gunned down by an violent illegal alien gang member, the Mesa Police Office murdered by an illegal alien, the thousands of others killed and maimed by illegal aliens,

Apparently ALL LIVES don’t matter.

We can count on The Arizona Republic’s continued attacks on the Rule of Law and in-spite of the deaths, maimings, billions in cost to voters who have clearly spoke at the ballot box by saying NO to this invasion by over 75%.

NO Judge has the authority to change the law!!!

Arizona law prohibits the issuance of a driver license or In-State Tuition to anyone not in this country legally. IT IS THE LAW.

Arizona Revised Statute 15-1803. Alien in state student status B. In accordance with (federal law) act of 1996 (P.L. 104-208; 110 stat. 3009), a person … who is without lawful immigration status is not entitled to classification as an in-state student.

15-1825. Prohibited financial assistance; A. A person who is not a citizen of the United States … is not entitled to tuition waivers, fee waivers, grants, scholarship assistance, financial aid, tuition assistance or any other type of financial assistance that is subsidized or paid in whole or in part with state monies.

In May, the Arizona Board of Regents “in violation of Arizona law” directed all three state universities to grant in-state status to anyone accepted into the DACA program. All in violation of state and federal law.

This corruption by public officials cannot be tolerated. Make no mistake, it is corruption. They do not care legal or illegal, they just want the money from the taxpayers and to hell with the law, the voters who pay the bill.

Driver licenses issued or Tuition break for ‘dreamers’ is illegal and a complete act of contempt for the law, voters and taxpayers of Arizona.

The Attorney General has also made it clear it is violation of the law.

Attorney General Brnovich should file charges and actually sue the Colleges and ABOR for violating the law. Liberal Judge Anderson cannot change the law or authorize them to violate it!!!! He is a Judge not a lawmaker. FIRE HIM.

Even the Ninth Circuit Court the most liberal court in America admitted Obama’s DACA (dreamer’s action) has NO standing in law.

When do taxpayers and those affected by the illegal acts of our elected and appointed officials stand up and get rid of those who violate their Oath of Office to the Constitution and the law?

The cost of this illegal invasion is costing Arizona and America billions and billions of dollars, loss of jobs for Americans, deaths, disease and maimings, and much, much more.

This nation is quickly becoming a God-less and Law-less nation with huge consequence to taxpayers and citizens, while our elected and appointed officials benefit those who break our laws and refuse to hold our public officials accountable.

Judacracy or Republic; Judicial Corruption; Ending the Reign of Activist Judges.

The courts Constitutional duty is to uphold the Constitution and the law.

• The Ninth Circuit orders Arizona to break the law and issue driver licenses to illegal aliens,
• Prop. 100 struck down by The Ninth Circuit that was passed by a 3-1 (78%) vote, No bail for illegal aliens that commit serious crimes, a known gang member, violent offender released in violation of Arizona’s Constitution where a young man at the QT in Mesa was murdered.
• Courts striking down 34 States’ Constitutional right to define marriage.
• Arizona Judge Arthur Anderson decides that illegal aliens are eligible for in-state tuition in direct violation of state and federal law.
• Arizona Judge Gerlach decided that the Constitution does not matter on the 2/3d’s requirement to raise taxes.
• Judge Snow ordered Sheriff Joe to violate his Oath and “NOT” enforce the law under threat of contempt.

Whereas, Justice Alito; “The Court’s shows insufficient respect to … Arizona, its voters, it’s Constitution,” and Justice Thomas for himself and Scalia wrote, “it suggests to the lower courts that they have free rein to strike down state laws on the basis of dubious Constitutional analysis.”

You should be outraged, at judges like Judge Arthur Anderson and Judge Campbell and of course the infamous 9th Circuit Court.

Illegal is illegal.

When are we going to hold activist judges accountable to the People and the Constitution?

I bet their decisions would be different if Judges were actually elected and held accountable by the People. The so called “merit selection system” is a system with no accountability. It is a political process, only We the People are left out and the unelected bureaucrats choose your judges

Senator Russell Pearce, former Chief Deputy of Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office, President of the Arizona Senate, Judge and author of SB1070, Employer Sanctions, Prop. 100 no bail for violent illegal aliens, Prop 103 English as Arizona’s Official Language, Prop. 300 NO instate tuition for illegal aliens