The Sell Out of America

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The Sell Out of America

Where do I start? When Pelosi, Reid, La Raza and Obama like Ryan as Speaker, you should start to worry. When “Republicans” continue to push for reckless spending and give up all efforts to curb Executive abuse. When Republicans give unfettered access to your money to a corrupt President. Can you say “stupid?” Read the GOP platform. This is not what we signed up for. I expect this from the Socialist-Democrat Party, but not the GOP.

The Washington Cartel is still in charge. No Common Sense, Arrogance, Duplicity, Illegal Immigration, Elections, Debt, Irresponsible Spending, Murders, Maimings, Job Loss, Trillions in Taxpayer Costs, Judicial Abuse, Executive Authority Abuse, Runaway Entitlements, No Tort Reform, Sanctuary Cities, 34 State’s Constitutions ruled UnConstitutional on Traditional Marriage, Christianity Under Attack, Anti-Prayer Orders and much more, and we are not fixing any of it. We need an American Commander and Chief.

In order to protect Paul Ryan his choice for Speaker, Boehner conspired with the Compromiser and Chief Paul Ryan and in fact Boehner brokered a deal with the Dems before exiting the Speakership. All the liberal blogs are ecstatic about this Democrat budget about to be voted on with Republican leadership support. Apparently we are just Pelosi/Read light.

The big spender, the cowardly illegal alien promoter Paul Ryan cut a deal with Boehner for protection. What a slap in the face to Americans and the GOP faithful who they promised to fix things if we put them in charge. This is one of the worse budget deals ever conceived; more debt, more socialist spending, gives Obama more control over the spending, ignores their promise to stop UnConstitutional Executive Amnesty, funds Obamacare and throws the Conservative base under the bus again.

Of course it has “bi-partisan support.” That is supposed to make us feel good that Obama had his hand in crafting this Sell out of America? What about all of their Promises? When do we hold them accountable and demand they keep their promises? What does it take? Like my friend Herman Cain says, “you can’t fix stupid.”

This is clearly a Reid, Obama, Boehner and McConnell legislative deal.

On Monday the “Remembrance Project,” a group which honors the memory of Americans killed by illegal aliens, hosted a press conference. Breitbart News spoke exclusively to many of the victim’s family members about their thoughts on House Republican leadership.

“We don’t want Paul Ryan whatsoever. He’s worse than Boehner. We’ve seen what he will do [if he’s elected Speaker]” said the Remembrance Project’s founder, Maria Espinoza, mother of Mesa Police Officer murdered by an illegal alien.

“Both given their track records, have proven they are not for this country or for the American people.”

A newly-aired PBS documentary shows how that Paul Ryan and Mick Mulvaney labored with the radical leftist Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-IL) to push Rubio’s amnesty agenda through the House of Representatives. Rush Limbaugh has warned us about Ryan and Rubio and their agenda for Amnesty and more.

“All of us are against Ryan [as Speaker] and Marco Rubio [for President] because we’re against amnesty,” Mary Ann Mendoza told Breitbart News exclusively.

Mendoza’s thirty-two year old son Sergeant Brandon Mendoza (a Mesa Police Officer) was murdered by a previously-convicted criminal illegal alien, who was driving the wrong way down a freeway with a blood alcohol level that was three-times the legal limit. “All of us have been calling [our representatives],” Mendoza said. “We’re telling them: ‘No Paul Ryan.’ He’s been for amnesty for years. He will take this country in the very direction we’ve been fighting against.”

Laura Wilkerson seconded Mendoza’s assertion. “Close the borders and enforce the rules that are here now,” Wilkerson said. Wilkerson’s 18-year-old son Joshua was tortured to death by a so-called DREAMER— i.e. an illegal alien who came to the country as a minor and, therefore, was given accelerated amnesty and benefits that Americans cannot get.

When leftist Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, La Raza and the most radically liberal member of Congress Luis Gutierrez embrace Paul Ryan, you would think some of them would get a clue. When radical leftist Luis Gutierrez who loves illegal aliens, gay marriage and ALL socialist programs is in your corner, you have a problem calling yourself a conservative and perhaps your American card ought to be revoked.

Remember Ryan supported the Gang of Eights Amnesty plan and remember Luis Gutierrez is the guy that Co-authored the STRIVE Act with Senator Jeff Flake to legalize ALL illegal aliens, including gang members, terrorist in America and all would get immediately a “Z” card (temporary visa that does not expire) and a path to citizenship. Later Jeff Flake along with his buddy Luis Gutierrez would became a part of the Gang of Eight after promising he would not push Amnesty again. Again with a history of betrayal and deceit, we should have not been surprised. Are they all Liars? No not all, but it seems most of them cannot be trusted to keep their word. Good people can disagree, but good people keep their word.

Are we determined to destroy America? How Foolish. Take Kate’s Law to stop the release back into our communities’ violent illegal alien thugs. Even after a beautiful young woman was gunned down in cold blood they can’t pass simple common sense legislation. None of them have a right to be in this country. They are “illegal” and we continue to ignore the law that puts Americans at risk. How many more deaths before we do something about it?

You wonder why we have such disdain for politicians. Maybe we should just turn it over to the ACLU, the Chamber of Corruption, LA Raza (the KKK of the Latinos), or other radicals that seem to be bent on Amnesty at any cost. Congress seems to be doing their bidding. They certainly do not listen to the people. However, the failure is like Katrina, it is at the federal, the state
and the local level. Lives lost, jobs lost, trillions in taxpayer expense, ALL just collateral damage in achieving their goal.

You can only push Americans so far and then there is a point that we are going to take back our government.

When a 32-year-old woman, a young man working at a QT store, a Mesa Police Officer are murdered, are gunned down by illegal aliens with violent past, deported several times and are protected because of sanctuary policies, you really have a dysfunctional government.

When the courts think they can decide which laws are good or bad, we have a corrupt judicial system. When the courts decide that an illegal alien charged with a serious crime and with a serious past cannot be held without bail, you have a court system that is corrupt and acting UnConstitutionally. A good example is Arizona’s Proposition 100, a Constitutional Amendment passed by 78% of Arizona Voters and thrown out by a corrupt, over reaching 9th Circuit Court.

When you have a judge that put a woman in jail for breaking “NO” law, for simply being a Christian and without a trial and simply because she exercised her “Constitutional Rights” as outlined in the 1st Amendment, her religious liberty, her right of association, her God given rights as outlined and to be protected by the Constitution, you clearly have Courts Gone Wild.

The purpose of laws are to protect the public, to deter illegal activity and to avoid the need for citizens to take matters into their own hands. Government officials must be held accountable. The corruption, the malfeasance of office

You wonder why Donald Trump, Ben Carson and Ted Cruz lead the pack. It is pretty obvious. We trust them to do what they promise.

Who must take charge is the 50 sovereign states. They are the ones that gave the federal government their limited and enumerated powers. Hold the Accountable.

There is a formula for stopping this Washington Cartel and it is in the Constitution. Between the wimpy Congress, the UnConstitutional Executive abuse of power and the Corrupt Judicial System, the only fix is for the states to take charge as they did in the establishment of this Republic. They must hold the federal government accountable to not exceed their limited and enumerated powers.

That Oath of Office they take is a contract with America. If they violate that contract they must be removed from office.