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The State Budget is Making Some Folks at The Arizona Republic Very Unhappy

Of course the Arizona Republic takes cheap shots at any effort to be fiscally responsible. Wingnut and her cohorts at the AZ Republic have never let the truth or common sense drive their rants. They love the days of Napolitano when the Budget grew at a rate of 3 times that of inflation and of course caused this state to be #1 in the nation in red ink, with a $3 billion deficit.

It never ceases to amaze me how the liberals measure success by what you spend and not on what you get for it or any concern for those that actually pay the bills; the hard working taxpayers.

We must take action and hold those we elect to strict adherence to the Constitution and our Founding principles and the Proper Role of Government. We need Warriors in defense of liberty and traditional values.

$3.5 billion additional for schools and NO accountability on how they spend it. No outcome based requirements, No parental control over their children or the schools that seem to think they know what is best for your children, including anti American diatribe, sex Ed, re-written history. Last time I checked these are not wards of the state, they are our children and it should be our choice.

In fact the Democrats want “sex education” for kindergarteners, Really! I believe that is an issue only to taught by Mom and Dad, day after day we read of sex deviants in our schools.

The Union Boss’s want more money on top of the additional $3.5 billion and of course supported by the Arizona Republic.

The Universities want more money on top of the 200% tuition increases they have instituted, while willingly spend millions to educate illegal aliens students in direct violation of Arizona law and a slap in the face to the 75% of voters who passed Proposition 300 that said NO to in-state tuition or grants to illegal aliens. What part of No do they not understand? What part of illegal do they not understand? Now they want more money to pay for their illegal choices.

They ignore $1.2 billion annual cost to funding illegal aliens in our K-12 system.

And oh yes shame on the greedy taxpayer who thinks they should be able to keep some of their own money or have a say in how their money is spent.

Shame on the overreaching courts who decided that “or” means “and” when it comes to Prop.301. When Prop. 301 was passed, the voters decided the legislature had a choice and made it clear especially during bad times, they could fund inflation of transportation that is why they said “or”. Only the liberal courts think “or” means “and.” Remember courts are made up of lawyers dressed up like judges and it is NOT their job to interpret the law how they want. Their job is to uphold the law, protect the public from abuse and defend the Constitution.

They keep saying surplus; the so called “surplus” is not a “surplus,” especially when you have billions in debt. Besides most of the money they talk about is one time money from capital gains and not sustainable. Spend it anyway on bigger, unaccountable and more intrusive government.

I am deeply grateful for those who remember their duty under the Constitution and the promise of smaller, more efficient, more responsible, and more accountable government, and keep in mind the taxpayer. You know the ones who actually worked for it.

We live at a time when our freedoms are being ripped away from us, government is a huge bloated bureaucracy, the entitlement crowds want more from those wage earners that pay the bills.

Apparently they have not learned or do not care about history. Within the last few years we have gone through deep recessions and huge deficits. Why yes we had a recession, but the deficit was mostly because of reckless spending, unsustainable spending.

I agree with President Biggs who fearlessly continues to defend the taxpayer over wild eyed spenders who have NO respect for hard working families and think that welfare ought to be a guaranteed way of life, along with entitlements, free education, etc.

The proper role of government is to protect your life, your liberty and your property. Not give you stuff. Anything government gives you it took from someone else. Someone who actually worked for it.

The leader of the far left spenders, Chief spender Democrat Eric Meyer wants even more money for K-12, ($3.5 billion more was not enough) more money to educate illegal aliens, more money for non-working folks, more regulation on businesses telling them who they can hire, fire and what they must pay, more money for Higher Ed, more free stuff for the non-working class and more illegal aliens to take jobs from Americans and it goes on and on.

We have a 600% increase in foreclosures, but they still want to raise taxes on your home.

Speaking of the so called poor, they purposely do not count their welfare as income in their stats; subsidized housing, food stamps, education grants and scholarships, WIC, free medical, subsidized transportation, Obama phones, and the other 80 plus welfare programs.

I agree with the Governor when he says the spending in education, corrections, universities, or public safety is NOT insignificant.

True to form, the spenders and special interest are mad that we would dare focus on fiscal responsibility, hardworking families, public safety and accountability. Maybe we should do a lot more investigating to those that cheat. Those who live together, but do not claim the income of the other so they get more benefits. Those in the country illegally who get benefits that Prop 200 passed over whelming was to stop, but Terry Goddard and Janet Napolitano blocked. Maybe ignore the UnConstitutional Plyler V Doe and stop education illegal aliens. Maybe stop allowing Birthright Citizenship by misusing and abusing the 14th Amendment. We got a lot of fixing to do. Quit calling the legal plunder by government of taxpayer dollars as “entitlement” programs to those getting “free” stuff. IF you don’t earn it, you don’t have a right to it. Period.

The left and special interest are fuming mad that the legislature and governor would even think of allowing the taxpayer to keep more of their money and just because it is your business you think you have a right to decide how to run it, or who to hire or who to fire or even what you can afford to pay them. Enough is Enough.