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Senator Russell Pearce former; Chief Deputy Sheriff’s Office, Judge, President of the Arizona Senate, Constitutionalist and talk show host

Where is John Wayne when you need him? One of his famous lines; “I’m not going to hit you … the hell I’m not.” Some people need their butt kicked. Where is General Patton? Where is Ronald Reagan? Where have all the “real men” gone?

With all of the new evidence on Hillary and the Clinton Foundation corruption, (and more coming and probably many indictments) one must wonder why anyone would allow corrupt Hillary to take office or the entire Democrat Party that supports this kind of corruption. It ought to be the Big House, not the White House for her address. It is unprecedented level of corruption. Anyone voting for a third party is tantamount to a Hillary supporter and willing to through America under the bus. We expect it from the Washington Cartel, because they believe they will be the winners; and the “hell” with this Constitutional Republic and morality.

Like my good friend Herman Cain says; “you can’t fix stupid.” Is the Washington cartel so desperate to keep the Washington Bi-Partisan Cartel in power that they will sell out the American people and this Republic?

I have never seen more PC America destroying wimps in my life. You have a Candidate calling it like it is, standing up for America, demanding that Obama recognize the threat of radical Islam, holding up victims of illegal immigration, demanding secure borders, demanding we put America First. Yet the Republicans in Congress like traitor Speaker Paul (RINO) Ryan and back door dealing Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, Lindsay Grahamnesty (gang of eight), Rep. Kinzinger (what a zinger he is), Sen. Alexander and others showing more support for a corrupt and radical President than our Republican presumptive nominee. This is why Americans are fed up. This is why thousands of Republicans are leaving this Party of wimpy leaders. This is exactly why we are supporting The Donald and taking on the Bi-Partisan Cartel in Washington.

Then you have the Utah sheeple in la…la land supporting a 3rd Party candidate with “NO” path to victory who’s only goal is to take out Trump, that puts him square in the corrupt Hillary camp.

Promises Made and Promises Broken, time and time again. They wonder why we are mad as hell!!!! No fence, No secure border, sell out of Israel, trade deals with our enemies. Unmarked bills in an unmarked plane in the middle of the night and we are ok with that? UnConstitutional Executive orders. Refusing to enforce our laws and secure our border and NO Impeachment? An attack on
American values, defending criminal aliens over Americans, free stuff for thugs, anti-police, uncontrollable debt, reckless spending, so called entitlements, and
attacks on 2nd Amendment.

Could it be the bi-partisan Washington Cartel? Are they really worried about losing control of Washington while they put America at risk?

Washington we have a problem.
• 5000 to 10,000 illegal aliens cross into America illegally daily
• Drug Cartels bringing death and violence to America
• Thousands of American killed annually by illegal aliens
• Border Patrol ordered not to enforce the laws and in fact ordered to transport illegal aliens across America and finish the coyote’s job for them
• Billions to educate, medicate and incarcerate illegal aliens
• La Raza a race based organization threatening to take over parts of America and we pander to them
• Radical Islam infiltrating America with Obama’s help and committed to
destroying America
• Refugees being transported and deposited in communities all over America
• Our children exposed to perverts though executive order, No Bathroom or locker room Privacy
• Attempt to disarm Americans so they cannot protect themselves or America
• Courts dismantling the Constitution and Rule of Law
• UnConstitutional Executive Orders tantamount to law and we allow it

It is the same usual suspects. These folks could not help corrupt Hillary more if they tried … then again maybe they are trying.

This corrupt radical President has demonstrated his contempt for America and our values and has continued his defense of the radical Muslim community and refused to accept terrorist attacks or call them what they are.

Trump has called out Congress and this President for selling out of America, for bad, bad trade deals, for alliances with enemies of Israel, for this Presidents attacks on the family and his UnConstitutional Executive Orders.

Make no mistake, I love this Republic and our Founders divine destiny to provide a Government of the people, for the people and by the people.

I know good people can disagree, but what we have here is much more than a disagreement. We have elected leaders in public office that are complicit in the dismantling of this Republic and our God given liberties.