Why the disdain for our leaders and our out of control Judiciary? Who can you trust?

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Distributed by C O M M O N S E N S E , in Arizona
Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Why the disdain for our leaders and our out of control Judiciary? Who can you trust?

Speaking plainly in English: ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Arthur Anderson, "Federal law, not state law, determines who is lawfully present in the U.S. … The circumstance under which a person enters the U.S. does not determine that person's lawful presence here."

An attorney with a robe. They are "illegal" and federal law makes that clear. Federal law makes it clear they are not entitled to in-state tuition, plus state law re-affirms that. It is a state University. The voters have spoken and the law is clear but that does not seem to matter as we have those in position of authority violating their Oath of Office. The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals the most liberal court in America even agreed the Obama DACA program has NO standing in law. Of course all of this attack on the Rule of Law, the slap in the face to the voters and this abuse is praised by the media.

THE LAW: Proposition 300 passed by 75% of Arizonans:

Arizona Revised Statutes, amended to read: 15-1803. Alien in state student status.
B. In accordance with the illegal immigration reform and immigrant responsibility act of 1996 … a person who was not a citizen or legal resident of the United States … is not entitled to classification as an in-state student pursuant to section 15-1802 … pursuant to section 15-1802.01. Sec. 4. Is amended by adding section 15-1825, to read: 15-1825. Prohibited financial assistance; report A. A person who is not a citizen of the United States, who is without lawful immigration status … is not entitled to tuition waivers, fee waivers, grants, scholarship assistance, financial aid, tuition assistance or any other type of financial assistance that is subsidized or paid in whole or in part with state monies.
C. This section shall be enforced without regard to race, religion, gender, ethnicity or national origin.

Attorney General Mark Brnovich, "…the law is the law." General Brnovich believes he has an obligation to respect the will of Arizona voters.

The open border crowd continue to search for and find liberal judges to rule how they want as they continue their attack on the law and on the taxpayers and citizens of this Republic.

Here in Arizona, we had a provocative idea and 75% of Arizona voters agreed; to enforce the laws of our land, protect our citizens and stand firmly behind the rule of law.

Seems like common sense, doesn't it? Well not to some who continue to push to reward those who break our laws at the expense of taxpayers.

Our Arizona Board of Regents and Community Colleges are working overtime to fill classrooms, yep, no matter the cost to you and no matter what the law says. They are bent on ignoring the law and the voters of Arizona.

Now this anti law Judge Anderson (an attorney with a robe) has decided the law does not matter. He must be removed from office and those that continue to ignore the law must be held accountable.

Why has our Governor and our legislature not stepped up to the plate to deal with these anarchist? When are we going to stand up for the rule of law and the voters? We must reign in the Judges? Judges cannot interpret the law how they want, they are bound to uphold Constitutional law. Attorney General Mark Brnovich in his ruling made it clear that it is illegal to give them in-state tuition or any subsidized tuition. READ THE LAW!!!!

There is a cost to this and it is huge. A report prepared by Fair Federation for American Immigration Reform has analyzed a state-by-state cost to taxpayers caused by illegal immigration. That cost is $2.6 billion annually to Arizona just to educate, medicate and incarcerate illegal aliens.

We love polls that let us know how the public feels with margin of error of 4% to 5%. Well, we had a poll in 2006 called an election where hundreds of thousands of voters let us know how they feel; the margin of error "zero". In 2006 four (4) Propositions were passed by the voters with a 75% average. That is a majority of "EVERY" demographic in the state.

* Proposition 100: No bond for illegal aliens charged with serious felonies.
* Proposition 102: No punitive damage award for illegal aliens who sue American Citizens.
* Proposition 103: English as Arizona's Official Language, and government is to encourage, preserve and protect English.
* Proposition 300: NO in-state tuition or waivers or subsidies in any form.

Our public officials are complicit in the deaths, maimings and cost of illegal aliens in this country by their failure to enforce our laws. They should be held accountable.

I can name dozens of victims. LIke the QT clerk murdered by an illegal alien gang member that a Judge decided to release on bond for another violent crime in violation of Prop. 100 a Constitutional provision passed by 78% if voters.

Glen Beck's Common Sense: "Today we find ourselves back in 1776 … The abuses being perpetrated by our government are just as obvious now as they were then, but instead of rising up with a collective voice, we sit by and watch as our hard-won freedoms slowly dissolve into a puddle of apathy, political correctness, and outright corruption."

We, as elected officials, must have the courage and the fortitude to enforce, with compassion but without apology, those laws that protect the integrity of our borders and our rights of our lawful citizens.

I cannot stand by and be a spectator to the death, maiming or damage to another police officer, citizen or taxpayer by an illegal alien because we refuse to enforce our laws and fail to put America and Americans First.

They call a law that protects Americans controversial? Apparently the deaths and maimings of Americans are not controversial. Jobs taken from Americans not controversial. Billions to educate, medicate and incarcerate illegal aliens not controversial. Home invasions, kidnappings, carjackings, molestations, rapes, drug smuggling, human smuggling not controversial. I am confused by those who think the law does not matter and the taxpayers do not matter, as politicians, Judges and the media continue their stance. Whose side are they on? Why is standing up for America controversial? I am not sure what part of illegal they don't get. Shame on them and those who continue to ignore the destruction of the rule of law and this nation.

Former Senator Russell Pearce, author of SB1070, Employer Sanctions, former Chief Deputy of the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office, and Judge