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Why are we surprised? Can’t repeal Obamacare as promised. Can’t defund Planned Parenthood as promised. Can’t defund the all of the PBS subsidies. No border wall. No penalty for cities and Sheriffs who refuse to enforce our laws. And now another Democrat budget by a Republican Congress. More money for corrupt baby killers Planned Parenthood, more money for the dangerous and stupid refugee program, more money for EPA and no money for the wall, clearly a wimpy and incompetent Congress. Liberals are still in charge.

Congress should be defending Constitutional government, the Rule of Law, federalism, protecting innocent life, state’s rights, free speech, secure America, cutting spending and a pass a pro taxpayer budget. Get out of the business of stealing one’s property taxpayers earn and re-distributing it to those that did not earn it. It is called THEFT.

Apparently it does not really matter who has the majority in Congress. While we have Paul (Rino) Ryan and others working behind the scenes with the open border Democrats against America and the Rule of Law it won’t happen.

I am sick and tired of weak kneed politicians that refuse to keep their promises to the American people and to secure our borders, deport every single illegal alien in the U.S, control spending, defend the Rule of Law, State’s Rights, traditional marriage and families, defend the Constitution and the Bill of Rights and put Americans First.

I will not vote for anyone who does not put America first, and fully support enforcement efforts. Illegal immigration is the #1 cost in lives, lost jobs, crime and all because of the illegal alien invasion.

More money for schools? Why don’t we stop spending $1.2 billion a year to educate illegal aliens in our K-12 system? We have lost our way. We refuse to stand up for God and Country. Shame on the media but we know where they stand, including some Republicans who continue to lie about the cost and the damage to America while they side with the Chamber of Corruption and the far left in supporting cheap labor and cheap votes and ignoring the murders, rapes, assaults, drugs, jobs stolen, unemployed Americans, and exploding education costs by those illegally invading our country; and the list goes on.

I am just one of millions of Americans that feel violated by those we entrust to do what is right.

• Build the “darn” fence as McCain once said, (although he lied, he never meant it and has worked tirelessly with open border Flake and The Gang of Eight against the American people and the rule of law).

• Reign in the Judiciary. Impeach UnConstitutional judges, abolish the 9th Circuit Court and re-establish two new Appellate Courts as the Constitution allows Congress to do. FIRE THEM ALL.

• Reduce or eliminate most entitlement programs. You cannot be entitled to what you did not work for and earn.

• Enforce our laws and deport those in our country illegally with no apology.

• Protect our 1st Amendment right of Association. We can refuse service to anyone with NO shirt, NO shoes and NO cake if we decide not to bake one for any reason.

• Protect marriage and the 34 states who passed Constitutional Amendments protecting traditional marriage which is the bed rock of a moral society.

• Protect the 2nd Amendment which states … the right of the people of the people to keep and bear arms SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED. Pretty clear.

• Eliminate the 17th Amendment and return the Senators to the states in defending States Rights as intended by our inspired Founders Fathers.

• Stop illegal and unConstitutional birthright citizenship. Stop rewarding illegal entry into our Nation.

• Overturn Plyer V Doe and stop educating those in our country illegally.

• Overturn Roe V Wade and protect the most precious and innocent lives, that of the unborn.

• Term limit our federal elected officials and term limit all Judges.

• Lower the tax burden on families and those who work for a living.

• Reduce regulatory burdens on privately owned businesses.

• Protect the Sovereign States Rights as intended. The states wrote the Constitution and created the federal government and made it very clear the Federal Government’s powers were limited specifically and enumerated and ALL the rest belonging to the States and We The People.

Wake up America, before we lose everything for which our Founders gave their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor. As George Washington and many other Founders stated, “IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO RIGHTLY GOVERN A NATION WITHOUT GOD AND THE BIBLE.”